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  • How do I buy Enjay products? Can I buy them online?
    We don't actually sell our products direct. We sell them through a network of distributors across Canada, USA and the Caribbean. Please reach out to our sales team at with your location and they can send you a distributor list for your region. Once you've chosen your Enjay distributor you can inquire about pricing, product availability, minimums as well as their shipping and delivery options. Many of our distributors sell online. Let us know if that is priority for you and we can send you a listing with that in mind.
  • I'm looking for a specific Enjay product, how do I know which distributor to contact?"
    Please reach out to our team and let us know exactly what you're looking for and we can play match maker. We will connect you with the right distributor for your needs. We are more than happy to help! Email:
  • Do you make custom items?
    We love making custom items! We already stock A LOT of products, but if they don't suit your project or needs, then we are more than happy to make a custom item. If for whatever reason we aren't able to help, we can suggest the next best business who can, or another creative solution. Email us:
  • How do I become an Enjay distributor?
    We are proud of our extensive network of distributors across Canada, the United States and Caribbean. If you're interested in joining our team, please reach out via and tell us why you'd like to become part of the Enjay family. Please include as many details as possible about your business, your location, who your customer is, how many years you've been in business etc. We look forward to hearing from you.
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